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Join Us On Our Central Asia Women's Group Tour!


Off the beaten path,

inclusive & responsible 

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Have you always wanted to travel solo but don't really know how or where to start?

Then our trips are made for you! 

We're a small team of women whos passion it is to encourage more women from ALL backgrounds to travel off the beaten path.


We're female-focused because we know travelling as a woman has its own challenges. From diversity to safety, we're considering it all so you can put yourself out there

We plan private trips in Central Asia for anyone and everyone & run women's group tours!

To find out more book a call below or fill out the contact form!

Central Asia Group Trip 2023

Join us on our first women's group trip to Central Asia!

It's a 3-week overland experience that's catered to women in support of local women. A fully immersive trip, complete with fun experiences from hiking amongst mountains to weaving with artisans.


Visit an underrated part of the world while making new friends and having unforgettable moments. 

September 4th 2023!

Fill out the contact form or book a quick call to find out more!

Image by Akmaral Khudaikulova


The first stop on our trip, for a intro to the region and its stunning scenery. Eat some good food, camp and meet your group!

Week 1

Image by Mick Truyts


Experience some of the most beautiful lakes and landcapes you’ve seen while learning about Kyrgyz cultures.

Week 2

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The last stop of our trip! Travel through the country and gaze upon historic Silk Road monuments that have survived centuries.

Week 3

Travel Off The Beaten Path

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Private Trips

Create Your Perfect Trip

It can be daunting to plan a big trip. That's why we offer bespoke travel arrangements for anyone who wants to get out there and make their plans a reality. 

Anyone can enquire about our private trips, from solo travellers to groups of friends or couples!


We'll help you create your perfect trip to Central Asia. 

Don't let time pass you by–let's start planning your dream itinerary!


Women's Group Trips

Make Memories & Friends

Have you been hesitant to travel solo? 

We know it's not easy so we created one-off women's trips!


To save you time and energy planning a big trip while connecting you with like-minded women in a safe and comfortable space. 

Our first group trip is in Central Asia for an unmissable off-the-beaten-track experience that brings together women from different backgrounds that want to get out there.

Our first destinations are in Central Asia. We picked this part of the world for its unbelievable landscapes, Silk Road monuments and underrated cities.

 We’re all about intimate tours with passionate expert guides.

Click on the interactive map to discover Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.


More destinations coming soon!

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Join Us In Central Asia