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Indy Odyssey

About Us


We're not just a travel agency but a platform that's dedicated to encouraging women from all backgrounds to travel. 

We know that travelling as a woman presents its own unique set of challenges, which can become further complicated by intersectionalities such as race, religion and identity. We take these factors on board to create experiences that are inclusive, not exclusive... 

So that each tour is an opportunity to connect with nature, with others and with yourself. 




Research & Marketing Assistant


Lisa is a categorising and organising extraordinaire, which she does to perfection for our projects. When she's not getting things into order, she's committed to working on research and marketing so that we can continue growing. Her passion for social justice and political science filter through into everything she does at Indy Odyssey.




After travelling to 50+ countries, mostly solo, Amina felt driven to create a travel platform that caters to women from diverse backgrounds. Being British-Pakistani motivated her to cater to an underrepresented audiences. Indy Odyssey encapsulates ethical travel and diversity so more people can experience the world and have life-changing experiences.


Trip Co-ordinator


Gaukhar has years of experience as a guide based in Kazakstan and is well-travelled too. She truly loves meeting people from around the world and creating memorable moments by sharing the culture, unique cuisine and breath-taking nature of her country.  Within minutes she can turn a stranger into a friend so you know you're in safe hands! 

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