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Group & Bespoke Trips

Whether you want to plan the solo trip of a lifetime, or take your loved ones along or maybe you are looking for a group trip with like-minded women, we have some incredible destinations to offer you. 


From the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the monasteries of Georgia, there is somewhere for every budget, timeframe and preference! We do group trips and private trips throughout the year so get in touch to find out more.

Image by Dmitry Sumskoy


Where Culture Meets Nature

The largest landlocked country in the world. While a huge portion of it consists of flatlands called the steppe, it also boasts mountains, lakes and great cafe culture if you know where to look. We'll show you stunning views and take you to local eateries where you can taste everything from laghman to manti.



Monestaries, Hills & Hearty Food

Georgia is a country that's at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Nestled in the Caucuses, it has breathtaking mountains complete with monasteries perched on top, beautiful quaint cities with winding cobblestone streets and heaps of art. The country is also a famous wine region with a culinary scene that can rival the most popular destinations.



Markets & Mountains 

Experience sleeping under the stars in a yurt and meander through the bustling markets of Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan might be small but every corner of it is filled with natural beauty–snow-capped mountains, high-altitude lakes and wild horses roaming the landscape. It really is something you can't imagine till you see it.



The Silk Road Cities

Uzbekistan is filled with history and stunning monuments. Part of the ancient Silk Road runs through the country where impressive mausoleums still stand in cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand. You will feel like you have stepped back to a majestic time of empires and riches.

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