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Discover Untouched Nature

Discover Untouched Nature

This is the largest landlocked country in the world. While a huge portion of it consists of flatlands called the steppe, it also boasts mountains, lakes and great cafe culture if you know where to look. It's the ultimate destination for off the beaten track travel. 

So many couldn't point out  Kazakhstan on a map, but it's full of some of the best nature and warmest hospitality. Find yourself hiking, swimming and watching the national ballet all in the same day. It's truly a hidden gem. ​Get in touch for a bespoke itinerary! 

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Kazakhstan Bespoke Trips

almaty 2.jpg

Almaty City Tour

Walking Tour


Explore Almaty on foot meandering through the streets

Year Round


Medeo Gorge

Day Trip

Skate above the clouds for a magical view of snow capped mountains.


Year Round

Image by Arnur Turpakpayev

Frozen Waterfall

Day Trip

Hike in a frozen wonderland and witness the strength of winter..


almaty market.jpg

Almaty Food Tour

Walking Tour

Get a taste of Kazakh delicacies while hearing local stories.

Year Round

Altyn Emel .jpg

Altyn Emel

National Park Day Trip

Hike and gaze upon the wonders of this almost alien landscape.

Year Round

Almaty Region, Kazakhstan 2.jpg

Kok Zhailau Plateau

Day Trip

The route is perfect for all ages and physical states–that’s why it's called the 'Trail of health.'


charyn canyon.jpg

Charyn Canyon

Day Tour

Explore a vast natural wonder that will transport you to another planet.

Year Round

Image by Nursultan Rakysh

Mynzylkih Plateau

National Park Day Trip

Get your sweat on by navigating this popular mountain trek.

Year Round


Lakes & Canyons

4-day Trip

Witness Kazakhstan's natural beauty through steep canons and high-altitude lakes. 


A Few Facts

Size: 2.725 million km

Population: 18.04 million

Visa Requirements

Under recent Covid regulations entrants from most countries need to apply for a visa. Double check with your local embassy.


The main language is Kazakh which is spoken along side Russian.


Kazakh Tenge

The best ways to pay for services in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's local currency is the Kazakh Tenge. The best way to carry your money is in debit cards, withdrawing cash in local currencies from ATM machines. ATMs are found throughout Kazakhstan and will generally accept cards on the Visa and Mastercard networks. It is a great idea to travel with both a Visa and Mastercard if at all possible in case of loss or problems with one card, you will have a back up. If you are bringing Pounds, Euro, or US Dollars, please make sure that the notes are new and in good condition. Notes older than 2003, or with any tears or blemishes may not be accepted. Be fussy with your bank when buying cash!

Image by Vlad Panov



Cafes & Ballet

Enjoy tasty coffee, some live music or the ballet! Almaty has a cool cafe culture that might remind you of London or Paris while the ballet will leave you inspired.


Surprises Around Every Corner

Almaty boasts tree-lined streets, leafy parks and views of the surrounding mountains. Climb Kok-Tobe hill for a panoramic view.

kolsai lake 2.jpg

Unforgettable Moments

Take a toboggan ride down Kok-Tobe hill for a quick thrill. Admire the mountains from the cable car over the ski resort, and climb singing sand dunes.

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