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How To Save For Your Travels

Travelling isn't cheap and preparing for a big trip can take some time. There are some ways to make it easier to save, from cutting back to just spending your money more wisely. I've included 8 tips below, yes 8 is a random number but it's all I could think of for now!

1. Cutting Back Doesn't Mean Cutting Out

In order to save your desired amount, you might have to consider what you spend your money on weekly that you don't really need. Think about the things that you can live without for a few months. Whether it's the daily coffee you get from Starbucks or the weekly chocolate bars you buy. The cost of cheap things adds up too.

2. Invest Your Change

Download an app such as Revolut or numerous others that you can use to save or invest your change. This is also a great app that you can load different currencies onto, exchange your money and there are no fees to use it abroad.

3. Make An Expense Sheet

Put your high school I.T lessons to the test by creating an excel sheet to track your weekly and monthly expenses. If you prefer modern technology then download an expense tracker app such as Wally or Charitymoney.

4. Make Lists Before Going Shopping

It's so easy to get carried away when going shopping. Instead of buying things you don't need. Whether it's food that will go to waste or clothes that you will never wear, the cost adds up. It sounds simplistic but most people forget to make a list before they go shopping. This way you only end up buying what you'll use. It's also useful to set a budget so you don't end up splurging.

5. Use Discount Codes

Couponing used to be something aimed at mums but recently the concept of buying vouchers or saving coupons has taken off. Sites like Groupon offer discounts from business and money-saving expert will give you discount on your next food shop.

6. Cut Down On Eating Out

One of the main things I decided to cut back on before travelling was eating out. Having dinner in a restaurant twice a week was starting to add up. There are so many other ways to socialise over a coffee or on a walk. Every big city has numerous free things to do if you know where to look. Time Out and similar websites have up to date information on things that are going on. You'll realise how much more fun you can have and how much you can save.

7. Calculate Your Necessary Outgoings

Whether it's your monthly travel card, rent or gym membership, calculate what these costs are. Try to pay them after you receive your salary so you know what you have left over. From this amount you can then decide what you can aim to save.

8. Decide What You Want To Do On Your Trip

Whether you're going on safari in Kenya or skydiving in Dubai, make a list of the main things you must do or see on your trip. With a little research, you can easily find out the costs involved so you know how much to put aside for them. A bit of pre-planning will ensure you don't get a nasty surprise of finding out the costs of the excursions whilst you're on holiday.

Everyone has their own way to save and plan for their holidays but hopefully at least one of these tips will come in handy.


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