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Syuzanne is a self-taught photographer that hails from a small village called Kharbalakh, 300 kilometres from Yakutsk (Siberia), the coldest city on the planet. 


After working in Almaty (Kazakhstan,) Syuzanne fell into iPhone photography, documenting guests and locals through captivating portrait photography. After a year of exploring photography, her passion flourished when she received her first camera. Fast forward another year, and her raw talent won her the cover of Elle Russia.


Finding her introspective style of photography featuring Indigenous people refreshing, Elle discovered her work, and a stunning collaboration ensued. Her work has since also been featured in Vogue Italia.


Syuzanne is currently documenting indigenous peoples in Northern Russia as part of a larger initiative. Her fascination for photographing barely-habited places stems from her desire to preserve Indigenous customs. Some groups live in the most remote regions, such as the arctic hemisphere. Due to climate change and globalisation, their way of life is changing, so sharing their stories is essential.

syuzanne portrait.jpeg
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