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This tour takes you through three fascinating Central Asian countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, but it's not like every other group tour you'll see!

Our journey is overland because we like to keep things as sustainable as possible, so no short flights, instead you'll get to see the diversity of the landscape rolling by, the sheer vastness of the mountains and the kindness of the people you'll meet along the way. From bustling cities like Bishkek to quaint villages like Toktugul where you can make honey and connect with your surroundings. 

You might be wondering why you'd go to Central Asia, maybe you haven't heard much about this part of the world, but that's why it's all the more exciting to visit. There's something for everyone, from historical heritage sites to pristine untouched nature, from cultural classes to meeting like-minded people. It's a trip that's intimate, fun and will take you through the ancient Silk Road. What more could you want? 


Embark on a tour through the mountainous country of Georgia embedded in the Caucuses. Led by Syuzanne, who has experience in hospitality and tourism and speaks multiple languages, including Russian and English. You will not only be guided through some incredible landscapes, but you will also have a published photographer showing you a thing or two. 


Transport, airport pickup, some meals and accommodation is included. Each passenger is responsible for their own flights and visas. Bring a camera or device of your choosing to take some incredible photos throughout your trip. 

Dates and exact destinations will be announced soon but if you are interested get in touch. 

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An experience that will show you a new side of yourself and the world.

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