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 Ala-Archa National Park is a first rate goal for each traveller, who comes to Kyrgyzstan. Likely one of the most visited spots. It isn’t a long way from the city, only 30 km from Bishkek.

Around 30 minutes driving from the capital and you can see so gigantic assortment of scenes: mountains, waterways, coniferous woodlands developing on the rough mountains. As a matter of fact the timberlands is the birthplace of the name of the hold. Ala-archa means diverse archa, which completely portrays the entire assortment of coniferous and tidy woods of the territory. Envision yourself finding the brilliant universe of widely varied vegetation of Kyrgyzstan.

The hold is a little valley inside the crevasse, the mountain scopes of which are secured with unceasing ice, and the slants are excellent tidy timberlands. Floods of meltwater stream down the inclines from the icy masses, which at that point transform into the Ala-Archa River.

In 1976, the Ala-Archa National Park was made in the Ala-Archa Gorge to safeguard jeopardized uncommon types of creatures, plants, and create the travel industry and hiking. One of the principle attractions of the hold is a novel natural life. Here you can see the snow leopard recorded in the Red Book, just as an uncommon blue winged creature, which the Kyrgyz call the fledgling of bliss, live high in the canyon. Numerous other astonishing agents of widely varied vegetation live in the hold, where it is carefully prohibited to hunt.

The recreation center has numerous trails, both for climbers and for trekkers. There are numerous tops around: Korona top, Tien-Shansky Semenov top, Teke-Tor, Free Korea and others, which are the most well known climbing goals.

You can experience this excellence with us by joining a 1 day trekking visit to Ala Archa  park. You are allowed to pick any trekking course in the recreation center, regardless of whether it a medium  trek to Ak Sai waterfall, or only a light stroll around the woodlands.



Guides Hiking

No hassle and no stress, you will be guided by an experienced guide who knows the routes and trails.


Animal Spotting

Spot local wildlife and learn about the abundance of vegetation. If you're really lucky you might see a snow leapord!


Connect With Nature

Enjoy scenic views and the peace of the national park during the 6 hours spent hiking and walking.


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