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Empire, Power & People

This is the first of many city tours to come!




Our London tour is split into two parts, winding through parts of South and East London with a section in the City of London. The tour isn't just focused on architecture, it takes you around significant places that belong to the story of London through its immigrant history. 

Tour Style: Light 

For the full 3 hour tour, a standard level of fitness is required but there are opportunities to sit down throughout the tour.

Service Level: Basic

This tour doesn't include any vehicle transportation as it's a walking tour.

Physical Rating: 1 

People of most fitness levels can partake on this day trip. 

Trip Type: Small Group or Private

This is a private trip or can be booked as a small group trip.

Age requirement: 12+

All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

2+ Hours

The City & Shoreditch




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Valid until   30/8/2022

3+ Hour Tour

Brixton, The City, Shoreditch




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Valid until   30/8/2022


Meeting Point     

We will meet at Brixton Orchard and have a few moments to introduce ourselves and the tour. 



The first part of the tour takes you through Brixton, a staple London neighbourhood that has a significant cultural history. Learn about what makes this area so notable while walking through the market and main streets and learning about the rich Caribbean culture that has developed here against all odds. 

The City

Depart Brixton and jump on the Thameslink (please note if there are works or disruptions the alternative will be a bus,) for a quick journey while observing a spectacular view of London. End up in The City of London and be greeted by the grand, imposing buildings. Meander through the small alleys and weel-maintained streets while delving into the fascinating history of how London's financial capital came to be and understand where the money really came from.  



Walk from The City through along the main street stopping in some notable locations while listening to how the different communities including the Jewish community and Bengali community have shaped this part of London. 

Say Goodbye 

The adventure comes to an end at Brick Lane, say goodbye to your guide and new friends!


What's Included


Food is not included but there are opportunities to grab a bite or coffee along the way

Expert Guide

Knowledgeable English speaking guide and all fees 


For the full 3+ hour tour, there is a stop in between on public transport which takes about 10 minutes. The ticket is not included since many people have travel cards or prefer to pay contactless which also reduces paper waste in printing tickets. The ticket costs between £2 - £4.

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