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Empire, Power & People

The London Walking Tour With a Twist




Our London tour winds through parts of East London starting in the City of London. The tour isn't just focused on architecture, it takes you around significant places that belong to the story of London through its immigrant history and the times of empire, including the infamous East

India Company. 

The city is often called a "melting pot," but many people don't know how London became the diverse city we know it to be. This walking tour isn't focused on one single narrative or an individual's story, instead, we hope it will show you a different side of Britain while delving into colonial history and how it led the way for thousands from former colonies like Bangladesh and Jamaica to find themselves settling in London.

This history is often left out in the classroom and in British history books, so we want to open up these themes. 

Get in touch if you want to book a private tour!

2 Hours

The City & Shoreditch





Per Person


The Details

Tour Style: Light 

A standard level of fitness is required but there are opportunities to sit down throughout the tour.

Service Level: Basic

This tour doesn't include any vehicle transportation as it's a walking tour, but your guide will be there to accommodate you.

Physical Rating: 1 

People of most fitness levels can partake in this walking tour.

Trip Type: Small Group or Private

This is a private trip or can be booked as a small group trip.

Age requirement: 12+

All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Meeting Point     

St Bride's Church.

The City

The tour starts in The City of London where you will be greeted by the grand, imposing buildings. Meander through the small alleys and well-maintained streets while delving into the fascinating history of how London's financial capital came to be and understand where the money really came from.  



Walk from The City along the main street stopping in some notable locations while listening to how the different communities including the Jewish community and Bengali community have shaped this part of London. 

Say Goodbye 

The adventure comes to an end at Brick Lane, say goodbye to your guide and new friends! You'll be close to transport links where you can continue on your day or you can continue your day through Brick Lane. 

Image by James Moore

What People Say About The Tour

Was thoughtfully planned and definitely expands your perspective.

M.Howlett - London Tour


Our Guide

Jonathan has worked in tourism and tours in both Edinburgh and London and was born and raised in Hong Kong. He found his way in to the world of power, empire, and people through a master's degree in Nationalism where he conducted research on immigration and social change in Canton Jura, Switzerland. He is looking forward to meeting everybody who comes on the tour and is very excited to hear what they think about its themes.

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